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Uncle Chiefs

Uncle Chief's Clothing – Your Color, Your Culture

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Uncle Chief’s
Berenstraat 35
4561 DM Steenbergen
Nederland (NL)

KvK: 80317502

What is Uncle Chief’s?

Uncle Chief’s is a cannabis clothing company from The Netherlands, founded in the summer of 2020 by Ska.

Our mission is to create unique clothing that expresses your color and culture. We’re a rastafari, LGBTQI friendly brand. And we’re proud of the fact we’re black.

Discover our culture.

Where did the name Uncle Chief’s come from?

A friend of a friend I know from Cape Town said “ohh you’re Uncle Chief!?”, after that all my friends started calling me Uncle Chief’s. I figured it was a unique name to use for my business.

– Ska Ngwenya, Founder of Uncle Chief’s

Do you design the products yourself?

We do the creativity part ourselves and work together with a variety of designers to translate our thoughts and emotions into a print or merchandise design that represents our culture.

How does your clothing fit?

Information about a piece of clothing is always attached to the product information.

Usually, our products fit according to size, so a size M t-shirt will fit as a size M (using European measurements).

Can you do custom designs? (E.g. for teams or events)

Yes, we can definitely make that happen!

Please send us a message through the contact form or our e-mail ([email protected]) and we will schedule a call to discuss the opportunities.